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"Thanks to this course, I bought three properties by the time I was 21."

Foundations of Real Estate

Dakota Worrell presents Foundations of Real Estate: the culmination of lessons that took him from $419 to $3,500,000+. Foundations of Real Estate is a comprehensive online course that delivers all of the information you'll need to purchase your first rental property, and start making money. This content has been vetted, endorsed, and implemented by average earners, and millionaires alike.

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Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to $419 - $1M | Foundations of Real Estate

  • 2
  • 3

    Chapter #2: Acquisition!

    • Feeding the Beast: Finding Deals!

    • Recap: Finding Deals!

    • Test yourself: Acquisition!

  • 4

    Chapter #3: Play with the Numbers!

    • Valuing Real Estate!

    • Recap: Valuing Real Estate!

    • Forcing Appreciation: Big Gains!

    • Recap: Forcing Appreciation!

    • Test yourself: Play with the Numbers!

    • Road Map: Creating Criteria for your Success!

  • 5

    Chapter #4: Placing it Into Application

    • Buy Your First Rental: House Hacking!

    • Recap: House Hacking!

    • Understanding Your Remodel: Rehab ROI's!

    • Recap: Rehab ROI's!

    • Test yourself: Placing it Into Application!

  • 6

    Chapter #5: Gaining the Advantage!

    • What is Leverage?

    • Recap: What is Leverage?

    • Taxes: Protecting Your Back-End!

    • Recap: Protecting Your Back-End

    • Test yourself: Gaining the Advantage!

  • 7

    Chapter #6: Preparing for the Loan!

    • Establish & Polish your Credit!

    • Recap: Establish & Polish your Credit!

    • Making Sense of the Financing!

    • Recap: Making Sense of the Financing!

    • Test yourself: Preparing for the Loan!

  • 8

    Pause: Let's Talk!

    • Before you go...

    • Optional: Talk to your Mentor!

  • 9

    Chapter #7: Laying Your Foundation!

    • Why Everyone Needs a Mentor!

    • Recap: Why Everyone Needs a Mentor!

    • Capitalism: Understanding Your Economic System!

    • Recap: Understanding Your Economic System!

    • Test yourself: Laying Your Foundation!

  • 10

    Chapter #8: Lessons Learned & Decisions Made!

    • Rules to Live By: Investing!

    • Recap: Investing!

    • Rules to Live By: Due Diligence!

    • Recap: Due Diligence!

    • Rules to Live By: Contractors!

    • Recap: Contractors!

    • Test yourself: Lessons Learned & Decisions Made!

  • 11

    PAUSE! Let's Talk!

    • Course Feedback!

    • Optional: Talk to your Mentor!

  • 12

    Chapter #9: Making it Passive!

    • Different Types of Real Estate Investors!

    • Recap: Different Types of Real Estate Investors!

    • Automation: Property Management!

    • Recap: Property Management!

    • Test yourself: Making it Passive!

  • 13

    Chapter #10: Real Estate is a People Business!

    • The Secret to Explosive Growth: Seller Financing!

    • Recap: Seller Financing!

    • The Art of the Deal: Negotiation!

    • Recap: Negotiation!

    • Test yourself: Real Estate is a People Business!

  • 14

    Chapter #11: The Lost Arts of Business!

    • Closing the Loop: Integrity & Decency!

    • Recap: Integrity & Decency!

    • Test yourself: The Lost Arts of Business!

  • 15


    • Exit Survey!

    • Congratulations! What's Next?

    • Optional: Talk to your Mentor!

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