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Brandon Ratliff

Buildings are Better than Golf Balls

What People Are Saying:

“For the price, DW Education is absolutely world class. Similar courses with the same level of mentor interaction are usually thousands more. The animations make it very easy to pay attention to the videos, and the course is very comprehensive!”

Randall Wall

“Dakota actually started as my landlord, but he ended as one of the best mentors I've ever had. From teaching me real estate at night, to helping me renovate my first apartment complex, he's really made an impact on my life. Highly Recommend.”

James Young

“This course actually really inspired me. I have some obstacles left in my path, but for the first time, I'm confident! I know exactly what I need to do to clean up my credit, and I can't wait to buy my first property!”

Alec Nelson

“I already knew a little bit about real estate, and was really looking for my first lease option deal. After taking this course, I learned more about seller financing, and might actually take a different approach! If you learn even one thing, it's worth it.”

Miguel Dominic
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Elle Hess

From Sharing a Room to Living Rent Free

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Brian Diaz

Replacing Welding with Apartments

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Sterling Hawkes

Replacing Pizza with Property

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Quigley Baker

Living Better as a Landlord

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